Six Writing Tools to Use to Create a Five Star Content

Creating quality and outstanding content is not a mean feat. Often, content writers, as well as copywriters, are faced with the task of writing high-quality content consistently over time. This is not that simple since there is much effort and hard work that is put into the writing process to ensure that the end product is appealing to the readers and the target audience in general. However, there is an assortment of services you can find at website which you can use to come up with content that is outstanding. These tools vary in functionality, but they can help you to come up with refined content.


Grammarly is an online tool that you can use to check your document for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and poorly constructed sentences. There is a thin line between high-quality content and low-quality content, and it revolves around the time invested in editing and proofreading. Editing your work helps to get rid of small mistakes that you have made when creating your content, and this can enhance the quality of your work.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to optimize your content and your site for search engines like Bing! Google, and Yahoo. If you want to create content that is going to rank high in search engine results, then you should ensure that you use the relevant keywords and phrases in your writing.

The correct usage of keywords and phrases allows search engines to rank your blog at high positions. When users search the web for terms that are related to your newly created content, then the chances are high they will come across it.

SERPstat can give predictions on terms that are trending, and this can come in handy for content writers who are interested in creating content whose chances of going viral are high.

Microsoft Word

Before you start writing your content, you have to select a tool where you are going to write your content. There are many writing tools and text editors out there, but you need to ensure that you settle on a text editor that easy to use and allows for integration with other plugins easily.

Microsoft Word is a text editor that allows for seamless integration with other tools and plugins, and this can be very helpful to individuals who want to come up with outstanding content. This is because you can install plugins for citation and referencing like Mendeley, or plugins for editing and proofreading content like Grammarly.


It is difficult to come up with quality content if you do not fully concentrate on the task that you have at hand. These distractions could be social media platforms on the web, your favorite websites or blogs or any other online site where you often spend considerable amounts of time.

If you are interested in writing outstanding content, then you should avoid such distractions at all costs. StayFocusd is a browser extension that you can use to limit the time you can spend on particular sites. This can help you to focus on writing your content and refining it to the standard that you want.


Wordcounter is a tool that you can use to rank words that you have frequently used in a particular text. Overused words not only interfere with the flow of the article but also affect the overall quality of the article. In this regard, therefore, you need to ensure that you look for words that you often use and look for replacements or alternatives.

Wordcounter can also help you to gauge the use of keywords in your article and depending on the requirements of the article; you can revise your article to reflect those requirements.

Google Docs

If you work in an organization and you are into collaborative writing, then you should use Google Docs, which is a writing tool that allows you to share your documents with other people. You can grant other people a level of access, which may be writing, editing or commenting. Writing will help to bring new ideas on board, and editing will help to get rid of spelling mistakes, poor sentences and grammatical errors in your article

In summary, writing outstanding and five-star content in today’s age is easier and quicker than ever. Whether you are having difficulties in editing your content or coming up with appropriate keywords for SEO, there are tools on the web that you can use to come up with top-notch content. The quality of the work people come up with depends on the tools they use, and therefore, you have to select tools that will help you come up with outstanding content.