about us

Jaded Expressions Magazine

JXM is an arts and culture magazine with a mission that supports uncensored artistic expression which promises honesty, integrity, and passion in its commentary and opinions. It is an ongoing compilation of original articles, comics, film, writing, and other various artworks. This magazine is a venture that hopes to bring unique artists and their variable expressions to the public forefront.

The Founders

Andrew is an aspiring writer/artist with ambitions that far outweigh his abilities. This frustrates him, but he still strives to achieve these ambitions each and every day. Even if it is quite delusional. He resides in Toronto, Ontario, and is often perceived (and frequently pointed out by others), as a stubborn, egotistical, argumentative, ass.

Melanie is a future director/ screenwriter/ producer/ beauty queen/ presidential candidate/ super girl. She is the youngest of three, and is no victim of the baby syndrome. Her schizophrenic nature often makes her unable to focus on one project at a single concentrated moment. She lives in Toronto, Ontario and one day hopes to make a home on the tennis courts once she hits her retirement. Hope to see ya there Federer.

Terence is a graphic designer and independent sequential artist who chooses not to write his own bio. Thus, he will remain the inscrutable apparition that he wishes to be, haunting the suburbs of Toronto.